Purpose of Group Admins?

What priveledges does this give users exactly?

How are they able perform admin functions such as adding/removing users to the group roster without accessing the admin console? Can they perform such tasks using certain XMPP clients?


At the moment, group admins only do something when using the broadcast plugin and when you only allow admins to message a group. In the future, we’'d like to expose more group functionality at the protocol level and also to make the admin console role-based so that group admins can enter the admin console and modify group settings.




It would be nice if group-admins had a way of updating their group roster on their own as they need to without me having to give them full access to the admin console.

On a somewhat related note…

Is there a script of some sort or other convenient way of adding a list of users to group rosters from LDAP instead of one-at-a-time?