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Push Not Supported

I am using the OpenFire server and I have noticed that on an internal network many mobile clients do not work. Upon closer inspection I learned that it is because those clients use a proxy server. The proxy server solution is a NO GO due to security, etc. Of the clients that worked one of them was OneTeam. I then wanted to configure push using OneTeam and a message was output saying that the server does not support push and their proxies will be used.

My question is how does one make OpenFire support push?

Looks like OneTeam has a custom module for ejabberd that does push to their application - You could ask if they are going to support push from Openfire by supplying an Openfire plugin.

Reading the OneTeam documentation, push just lets you get notifications - It doesn’t let you reply, so might not be much use for IM.

So are you saying that push in general is not supported? For when I talked to IM+, and Beejive they each used their own proxies as well.

There isn’t a standard XMPP push protocol. Sounds like OneTeam implemented their own.

Thank-you for the answer I appreciate that. I marked the question as answered.