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Push notifications without using Push service (apple APN nor google FCM)

Hey guys,

I’m trying to implement a chat app on Android and IOS using Openfire this will have push notifications with XMPP, the thing is: this chat is going to be in an isolated intranet, with limmited or no access to internet.

So the question is: Can we implement push notifications without the need to reach Apple’s or Google’s push services? Since in theory there will be no outter access to them, perhaps simulating these services?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, regards!

I was also looking into this some time ago and don’t think it will work without access to your mobile device specific Push Notification Service. There was a GSoC project in 2015 with a very good article explaining how Push works with XMPP, which you can find here.

Push is a term used by many protocols, but when mobile OS vendors say push they mean a very specific thing: using their proprietary cloud service to send notification packets to users. The mobile OS listens on exactly one connection and will wake up an app when a notification arrives for it.

For APN you may check out this project:

Thank you for you reply grutto.

So there is no efficient workaround for this… Then I guess the options are:

  1. Leave the app running in background (not so great)
  2. Leave notifications only available when the app is open (not too convenient for a chat app)

Please let me know if you think of anything else

Best regards