Push Notifications, XEP-357, Stream Management and when to push

Hi everyone,

Basically I’ve been reading into Push Notifications for XMPP, and in the 357 extensions, it says in point 7:Publishing Notifications:

[…]When the user’s server detects an event warranting a push notification, it performs a PubSub publish to all XMPP Push Services registered for the use[…]

So, been known that Stream Management will keep your session alive in case of abrupt disconnection for a reasonable period of time and in a mobile enviroment, if your connection drops and the app goes to background. Openfire will still mantein the session active. My question being. In this case, deciding to send or not a push notification depending on the presence (online or offline) doesnt seem the best option. Am i wrong in how Stram Managment works or there is a better variable that I can check for making this desition?

Thanks in advanced!

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