Pushing data to client

Quick question- what’'s the best mechanism for pushing arbitrary data to a client (e.g. Spark)?

Here’‘s an example- let’‘s say I want to build a plugin that displays emails from the user’‘s corporate email account. Let’'s also say I have a Smack based application running on the email server that can send out notifications to the Spark client when a new message arrives. So when a new message arrives, the Smack based application will send data through Wildfire to a Spark client, where a plugin will read the data and display information about the new message in a mini-inbox.

This is just one example- there are many similar ones as well… News content, corporate data, etc. I looked at the data-forms (JEP-4) mechanism, but it seems like that needs to be initiated by the client, whereas in this case the server is initiating the data transfer. None of the other supported JEP’'s seemed to fit.



Hi Dan,

you could also send a normal message and your plugin could intercept all messages of sender “email-notification@server” and display them as a popup. There exists as far as I know already a very similar plugin for Spark.


There’'s a message type called “headline” for these applications.

See RFC-3921, Section 2.1.1

XEP-0060 might also apply for some of those.