Put it to a vote!

I?m new to Wildfire & Sparks both are great applications. But one thing I would like to see is Sparks version without the broadcast selections in the client. Looking around at the threads it seems many other are struggling with the same thing. Yes, there are other clients to choose from, but many are not as feature rich or do not integrate so nice with Asterisk.

Like so many, I run a small shop of 70-100 users & IT with a small budget cannot afford to spend for additional software. (THANK YOU, all open source programmers.) Btw I give back when I can through donations.)

Anyway back to my point, for someone like me to give 70 people the ability to broadcast messages “just to be funny” is not a good thing! What I and many others would be like is to see is to have two clients one with broadcast and one without the option in the menu. That way IT and managers can have the function but not users.

What do you think?



PS I am willing to remove the menu opption myself just point me in the right direction.

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there should be already a JIRA issue to remove the Spark broadcast option, so one would need the broadcast plugin and configure it to disallow everyone to use it.


SPARK-282 - fixed in 2.0