Putting multiple JM Servers on Internet? Need Help


I am using 2.3.1 Alpha version. I have two JM servers in the same domain.



Both the servers are at different office locations. S2S is happening over VPN connectivity between the two offices. As long as my users use this setup within the office premises everything works fine. I wanted to know as to how i can open both the servers to the Internet so that my users can connect to their respective servers from remote locations.

My internal DNS serves internal.mydomain.com while we host an external DNS for mydomain.com

Users currently login to JM using JabberID@server1.internal.com or JabberID@server2.internal.com and we use LDAP authentication.

BTW, thank you very much for such a great product…



I dont have a lot of experience with JM but unless JM does soemthing outside of the standards all you have to do is forward port 5222 or 5223 at the firewall or NAT for client connectivity to their respective servers.

I have running at home an ejabberd server on freebsd. I can connect to it from anywhere by forwarding port 5222 on my linksys router to 5222. This works well for me.