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Has anybody gotten these to work together? I can see both in the external components list, but I am not able to register with pyMSN… (it was the 2nd one I installed/enabled). I can lookup the hostname fine (msn.im.ourdomain.com), but PSI shows the transport as “offline” when I add it to my roster, or try to register with it. Any help would be appreciated.

(Yes, I have PyOpenSSL, etc installed, and I dont see any errors on startup).

Hi yesterday i installed pyMSN-t with python 2.4 on win XP

today i was about to install pyAIM-t (winthout nevow(webinterface)) , taken the same steps like in psMSN-t but i have a similar problem like you.

when i quit and run the JIVE MESSENGER again the AIM transport isent listet in external components.

i suggest that the transport that is “installed” FIRST will run propperly but not the second because the binding of the same port on the JIVE Messenger Server.??

anyway i will go on trying it and also searching for further informations, if u find something pls point me to solution… if i find a way i will also post it here:)


may one question?

when u compiled pyAIN-t did u only get 2 or 3 compiled pyc files or more in the src folder?

for msn i have many pyc files after installing but for aim only a few an python.exe us juming arround in my taskmanager while CPU is working with 100% continiously :eek:


There’'s a known bug with PyAIM (and PyICQ) under Windows that no longer occurs involving the following lines in src/main.py:

#This does not work under Windows, so we’'re getting rid of it for now.

#if (exe.find(“python”) >= 0):

  1. os.execv(exe, [name, sys.argv[0]]+sys.argv[1:])

There is no actual release of PyAIM that has this fixed yet. 0.7 will. In the meantime, comment those lines out and you should be good to go. Note that this bug only occurs under Windows.


Also, the method of debugging output between PyMSN and PyAIM is different. For PyAIM, you need to pass command line arguments… -D for the most debugging, -d for “only pyaim debugging”… no twisted, -l to specify a file to log to (otherwise stdout)

Hi and thanks for your help,also thank you very much for the emails.

i´ve tested to comend out those lines and that realy brought pyAIM-t 0.6 to work but instead of having both (pyMSN-t v0.10 AND pyAIM-t 0.6) transports running, there is now only the pyAIM-t running and the pyMSN-t has gone, a also receive kind of error messages (see screenshot from link below) when installing pyAIM-t.



anyway… i was testing arround a litle bit…

first i was trying to run pyMSN-t again by deleting the .pid file and starting it again, and it recreates an .pid file but when i start the server again, there is just pyAIM-t again

after that i stoped pyAIM-t by deleting all .pyc files and also the .pid file from pyAIM-t.

and running it again like in the first time and the same messages did appear like te first time (see screenshot)

i thought ok , lets try to MSN again but like b4 the same thing happens… i was testing that a several times and wheter i hove none of the transports running or just only ONE…

may the informations in the screenshoot helps you for developing the next version of pyAIM-t (if the error is there) may also the messages i receive are errord from the server? because the second part (yellow field in screenshoot) right than appears when i start the Jive Messenger.

i will go on testing tommorow (3 am here and my fiance doesent like me to work now:D)

wellalso if iam heving trouble with the transports(i will also install them later on a linux system, windows only now for testreasons) u made a great job with those transports, congratulations and thanks a lot for your help.

greetz Sascha

uhm ok i tested again. and wonder:|…

i first changed a fes lines (136 148 157) in tlib components but broupght me more errors… than i tested and tested… and uhm…

i found out that i have get both transports installed by the following method…

first install both pyAIM-t and pyMSN-t

than delete both (if both re still there ) .pid files

than FIRST run the server and have the external configured.

than again hit main.py for AIM and after that check aim should run now

than hit main.py for msn and check again … i have now both working:D…

and my fiance is sleeping:D a double success:P

anyway i´ll also go to bed now, thanks for the help, if i should test something for u on a windows system with JM as server in case of u doesent use itand may be interested in results, just let me know:)

greetz and thanks…

… and… good nite;)