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PyMSN-t contacts status shows as their name

The status from MSN users are coming in swapped with show (which I assume is the display name). For example here is a dump from what pandion sees.

Has anyone seen this behavior?


this is actualy correct or at least in my mind correct. show is how the presence is to be shown, ie. free to chat, away, etc. Status is auxillary information about your presence, so it looks like the transport is using that to put the user’'s display name in, as Jabber does not have this facility.

Thank you for the reply. This is strange, but I had you and several others from the py-transport list confirm this. But I found my solution.

I’‘m using Pandion and by deleting my Profile out of C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Pandion\Profile\ and then logging back in the names and statuses come in just fine. I didn’‘t look at what files were in there in the first place so I don’'t know exactly what was causing it… but everything is working great now!