PyMSNt -- Has anyone been seeing this?

Everything has been running fine. Checked the Firewall, all of the rules are there and proper. After a random time period, I see the MSN account shut down, NOT the transport, it works and shows as being connected, through out the day my users are being disconnected from the MSN gateway and then have to log back into MSN manually. Does anyone know if MS did something to time out the connections. Has anyone seen this Behavior? Any help would be great!


Hey Jeff,

I really don’'t know what is going on. Have you tried posting the same question in the PyMSN forum? They may be aware of this type of issues.


– Gato

Yes, posted to py, jadmin, here… nothing from noone. Have seen a few issues on the web regarding that stupid new MS service created like issues with their own client, I am starting to lean towards this being an MS issue, but I can;t find someone running the pymsnt gateway to say that they are not having the problem.

UPDATE: yes there does seem to be an issue with MSN with the py gaeway. If interested Allan Wolff gave me this link to an svn. I can;t reach it, but if anyone needs here it is.

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