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PyMSNt with Wildfire,can''t working

hi all one,

I had read some topics and followed them setup the pyMSNt successfully,and it looked run well,but I can’‘t add any MSN id, what’'s wrong? help me please!

My pc is working in LAN,so the ip address is like 192.168.0.*

Here is some screenshot




the problem has been gone,thanks for your help

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Hey cjc,

Once the PyMSNt gateway is running (like in your case). You will have to register with the gateway from your client. That means that from exodus you may want to add “msn.” as a new contact in your roster. Then right click and select register. Once you have registered with the gateway (providing your MSN account) you will be online in the MSN network. The gateway will send to your Exodus client all your MSN contacts so you can add them to the XMPP account. You should accept those contacts so they can see you when you are online and you can see them online.

As you can see MSN contacts are of the form “username%hotmail.com@msn.”. Following that pattern you may add new MSN contacts to your roster. You don’‘t have to indicate that it’'s an MSN account as you were doing. Instead treat it as an XMPP account with that special[/i] address format.

Hope that helps,

– Gato

OK! thank u,It can work now!yeah