Hi, I’‘m using the pymsnt gateway and runs ok, I send a message from the wildfire to a msn account and the gateway detect if the message has been sent ok or wrong but not send the message reply to the wildfire. I’'ve been looking the gateway source code and in the is where the callback is launched.

def connect(self):

LogEvent(INFO, self.ident)

self.ready = False

def sbRequestAccepted((host, port, key)):

LogEvent(INFO, self.ident)

self.key = key

self.reply = 0

factory = ClientFactory()

factory.buildProtocol = lambda addr: self

reactor.connectTCP(host, port, factory)

def sbRequestFailed(ignored=None):

LogEvent(INFO, self.ident)

del self.msncon.switchboardSessions[self.remoteUser]

d = self.msncon.notificationClient.requestSwitchboardServer()

d.addCallbacks(sbRequestAccepted, sbRequestFailed)

Anybody knows how to return a message back to the wildfire ???

Thanks in advance