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Querying group chat roles

Hey all,

I’‘d like to query what roles users have in a group chat before they join the chat. This isn’'t possible through Smack (you need to be a member of the group chat before any information about you can be queried) but for sure it can be done since Wildfire contains that information. Is the best way to do it through a Wildfire plugin? Any pointers?



Hey Jay,

The most elegant solution in my mind would be to create an Ad-Hoc command interface via a plugin that interacts with the MUC service on Wildfire. Unless you want each user to know their role before entering the chat? If so I believe this is slightly out of the scope of the MUC JEP and you may want to consult the JSF mailing lists on how to move forward protocol wise, then this may help you figure out how to craft a solution using Wildfire.