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Question about adding a user

If i want to add a user to my roster, and in my client program the user enterd a wronge JID, how can i check if the givven JID is a liggel one - i mean if the user exist on the jabber newtwork?



I remember there was a thread about this subject some time ago in this forum. AFAIK and as far as I remember the XMPP protocol does not specify the error that you will receive if you try to add a non-existent user to your roster.

I remember that I did some tests with different servers and the error that I received in each case was different. The error that you get when you try to add a user from an existent server (e.g. xxx@jabber.org) is different than the one you get when the user belongs to a non-existent server (e.g. xxx@xxx.org).

Anyway, Iā€™'d recommend you to find out the error that you get when you add someone to your roster and send a subscription request. You could then detect this error and react accordingly.


ā€“ Gato