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Question about adding Gateway contacts via Spark

Hi there,

I am still in the testing stage before we roll out Spark and Openfire to my organization, but I see a problem I am not sure how to solve. It comes up when someone messages one of my test users via a gateway transport (like AOL or MSN.)

The problem is, the message comes in as being from “<username>@aim.sol” (so for example, from me it would be ralphlacy@aol.sol).

Now, Sol is the name of the server I have Openfire on so it makes sense it would say that… but if that user then tries to add that person to thier roster, it doesn’t work. They have to delete the @aol.sol part.

Is there a way to make it not append that part when the message comes in? I need to keep the “adding contacts” portion of this as simple as possible for my users.