Question about Avatar

This is my first post and I would like to say that Spark is awesome. I have searched through the archive and didn’t find exactly what I was look for. Is there a way for the admin(me) to set everyone’s avatar. I would like to use that as an employee directory. I have seen some of the stuff for AD but don’t really like putting it there. Any ideas?



Unless you are pulling the avatars from an LDAP source like AD there is no way to prevent the users from changing their avartar.

I added the client management plugin that supposedly stops people from changing their vcard settings. I thought I could get everyone set and then enable that client management setting.

I do not think you have the ability with an LDAP config to change or edit their profile. It is pulled from LDAP. You can use LDAP override functions to allow users to post avatars if there are none defined in LDAP.