Question about database

hey guys, i have a problem because i cant figure out how openfire works because from the jump it has a default database schema and i need to have my own tables also for my app other functionalities but i dont see any information but to built it from the source code. i have never built any other project from source code so i been trying all day to import/open this project in eclipese and inteliij but i just get error after error just trying to get the program to build. also i did find the mysql file in the source code and am affraid of changing anything inthere because openfire may need the other columns. to back to my question how do i go about building my own database schema and can i just delete the ofuser table if i do build my own.

Your best bet is probably to write your own plugin. Your plugin can have it’s own DB schema, and if you provide the appropriate SQL files Openfire will create it for you. There’s some information at you need to read and understand, first.