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Question about DB when Upgrade Monitoring plugin

Hi all,

i have a openfire server version 3.9.3 with Monitoring plugin version 1.4.4. I want to upgrade to newest version(openfire 4.1.6 and monitor plugin 1.5.7). Can i use current database for new version(openfire and plugin)?. does it lost any data?

Thanks in advance!

In theory it should work and information should stay intact. But nobody can tell what could happen upgrading from such an old version. Openfire and Monitoring plugin had lots of changes during those years and probably even new issues have been introduced. It will have to do 16+ database schema updates during such upgrade. It could fail on one of them. Do a backup and try. Or restore backup in a test location and try updating your test server first. Download older versions and update one by one. https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/releases

Thanks for answer!