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Question about maxLifetime variable in CacheManager

Hello, everyone. I’'ve been evaluating the latest non-Beta release of Wildfire and I need to connect it to our 26,000+ user AD environment, which I have done before without issue.

We have a centralized password reset system for the AD and other systems. We don’'t allow users to change their AD password through any other means, including the Spark IM client or WildFire server.

The issue is that a user can logon to Wildfire for the first time using their current AD password, as you’'d expect. However, if a user changes their AD password and then logs on to IM again, they can logon with their OLD password and the NEW current password.

Can I cause the OLD password to be expunged from the Wildfire database by controlling the value of the maxLifetime variable in the CacheManager? What is a reasonable value for this variable?

Thanks for any insight you might have and GOOD JOB on the product. Very nice system and good management tools.


George B.