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Question about MUC

Hello community.
We recently started using MUC (group chats)
And I had a question about it:
If I close the Spark dialog box, then I automatically exit the group chat, is it possible to make it so that I can close the chat window and receive new messages (Forced group MUC if I may say so: D)

It is very inconvenient that you need to control the dialog box! = (
Because of this, out of 200 users, 20-30 users use MUC …

I realized that being in a room is based on the user’s presence.
But I also saw on the XMPP forum that some xmpp clients make room presence permanent if the room is bookmarked.
I think it will be better than implementing XEP-0369 in Spark, Smack and Openfire.
@wroot What do you think about this?

Do you mean that if you bookmark the room, then you can’t leave it? That would go against current MUC specification as user should be able to leave a room. Or maybe you mean auto-join for bookmarked rooms? Anyway, i don’t have much to say here. Any option probably involves a lot of developer’s work and we don’t have developers.

Yes, you understand me correctly, if I have a bookmark, I will not be able to leave the room by closing the dialog box.
I have now when entering Spark automatically connects to the muc room, but if you accidentally close the dialog box, I will leave the room. This is very inconvenient and makes MUC useless ; (
Maybe I don’t use the rooms correctly, someone else uses them, please share your experience

I can only think of maybe adding a new preference “Stay in the room after closing room window” and based on that change the behavior of an X/close button in chat window. Maybe even adding a special “Leave room” button in the room to actually be able to leave. This sounds clunky though, as X is also used to close regular chats. Might be difficult to separate that. Another option would be to just change it in Spark without an option, so closing chat window never exits rooms or one on one chats, but that can also be problematic and some users might not like it.

I think the first option will be good. Need parameter of behavior is needed when closing the dialog box with a room. Maybe “Stay in the room if in bookmarked” or “Don’t leave the room when closing the window” or “Ask me if I close the window with the room?”
I don’t know if this parameter will be added or not, but it was very convenient.

I think that an option with asking would become annoying to users very fast :slight_smile: It should be transparent. But i don’t know what is the best way to do that. And more importantly, who would do that :slight_smile:

I agree, but it would be in Preferences> Group Chat that would be great. I know that now there are no active developers, except for @guus , thanks to him for supporting Spark and Openfire, but maybe someday someone will make this setting in the future.