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Question about RemotePresenceEventListener interface

Hi all,

in RemotePresenceEventListener / RemotePresenceEventDispatcher Javadoc, we can read:

“Interface to listen for presence events of remote users.”


“Dispatches presence events of remote users.”

By remote users, does that mean users who are handled by another Openfire server in the cluster?

We’re using 2 Openfire servers. We’re caching info about users and it can happen that the info for a given user is cached on both servers. We would like to remove the info from both caches on user logout.

So we implemented our owns PresenceEventListener and RemotePresenceEventListener. The PresenceEventListener works fine, but the PresenceEventListener doesn’t. The remoteUserUnavailable(Presence) method doesn’t get called.

We might be missing something, any idea?