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Question about the clustering plugin


I just installed the Hazelcast clustering plugin and just have a couple questions about it.

It seems to be working pretty well so far, it was able to join my two openfire servers together without any problems.

How does it keep changes in sync with each other?

If I go to Server -> Server Settings -> Server to Server and Disable “Service Enabled” on the first node, it doesn’t seem to change that setting on the second node.

Other than users, do I need to configure the servers settings per node? They are sharing the same external DB so I assumed that these settings would be stored there and the other node would change as well.

Other then that, we use LDAP so the userbase is in sync, so I am just wondering about the settings.

Also I would like to know how they found each other. They live on the same network, but how did they join each other exactly? Did it just do an nmap of the network and find another server running on port 5222 and assumed that was the other node? Usuaully you need to tell it which IP the other nodes can be reached at. Not a huge deal, just curious about this one.

Thanks for the help.