Question about web part of the plugin

First of all I was confused why Admin Console does not use one of any MVC frameworks like Struts or Spring-MVC. It’'s better to read and maintain clean classes than interweaving of JSP. This is rhetorical question. This may be easier for developers.

My question is: may I use some of these frameworks in plugin development? Have anybody some experience in this stuff?

I think that would be more trouble than it would be worth. Unless you are planning a really monster plugin, you would be better off studying the existing plugins to see how they work.

The wildfire API is very clean and trying to head off in another direction will probably see you recreating the wheel and creating more bug opportunities. Not to mention that the community will be better able to provide support if you are going within the flow. And then there is forward compatibility…


There would definitely be some benefits to using a framework like Struts or Webwork in the admin console. On the other hand, the amount of Java code on each JSP page isn’‘t too bad right now. We have also used some great tools like Sitemesh to make the pages a lot simpler already. In any case, we’'re always open to framework suggestions/changes that are:

  • simple to implement and maintain

  • provide immediate value