Question concerning jingle

i did not get these points. anyone could help me understanding:

first, concerning TcpUdpBridgeClient and TcpUdpBridgeServer. is the user initiating the call is the server and the other is the client??

second, what is the need for the resolvers? what is their importance?

Third, what happens to the voice? is it created to bytes or read as files and sent as packets?

many thanks for your help

TcpUdpBridgeClient and TcpUdpBridgeServer are just a loopback logic to convert a UDP stream to a TCP Stream and vice-versa.* NOT USED YET*.

Resolvers are used to resolve your local and public address to be used in RAW and ICE Jingle Transports.

Voice is read directly from the MIC, synchronized, codified with a defined CODEC(GSM Default), and its bytes are sent using a UDP stream.



thanks alot for your answer; it helped me alot in understanding many things.

but i did not get the part of RAW and ICE???

Thanks alot

In Jingle we currently have more than one transport Method RAW UDP and ICE transport…

You can look at XEPs:

XEP-0176: Jingle ICE Transport Method

XEP-0177: Jingle Raw UDP Transport Method

These are two protocol extensions that provide a connection method to establish a streaming connetion.