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Question for webchat

our current system is centos 7, openfire version 4.2.3, installed plugin fastpath version 4.4.3.
I am able to click top menu
=>“Workgroups Manager”
=> “View Workgroups”
=> “Manage Settings”
=> “Create Workgroup”
… etc these are all working

the question is: where is the webchat ?
http://myserverip:9090/webchat or http://myserverip:9090/webchat/jivelive.jsp
both error 404

I tried to google the solution and some posts mention to download webchat.war file
but most the links are broken, and links for igniterealtime svn are all not accessible,
I have no luck to find webchat.war

I also find on github https://github.com/igniterealtime/Fastpath-webchat
those are the java source code, I am not familiar about java build.

any suggestion?

thanks in advance

by the way,
I suggest REST API can not only allow to deal with openfire server internal management,
but also able to allow send message or receive message, possible ?
and I wish REST API can get active roasters, and send/receive message to particular roaster…
then I can write my own web based chat application with back end customer support.

Webchat plugin stopped working long time ago and therefor has been removed from plugins list. There is nobody working on Fastpath for a long time. It is a miracle Fastpath Service is still working somehow.