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Question from novice about accessing Openfire via client

Okay, so I finally have Openfire Enterprise running and configured. For whatever reason, the server had to be rebooted before the new firewall rules were recoognized. In the Administration, I see this:

All addresses


Client to Server

The standard port for clients to connect to the server. Connections may or may not be encrypted. You can update the security settings/ for this port.

So, does that mean that the client needs to connect to myserver.com:5222? There seems to be a lack of documentation from the user end of accessing Openfire. Also, I assume that Spark is just one of many clients that can be used to access Openfire. Is that correct?

Yes, 5222 port is used by default and most clients are using it so no documentation about this needed. Btw, i think you should remove that direct link to your admin console in this thread (lock.gif). For security sake. This lock image is showing near 9091 port, not about 5222 port and it’s just for information that 9091 is a secure port for connection to admin console.

By default there is no encryption of connections between clients and server (5222 port). But you can go into Security Settings and enable what you want.

Yes, Spark is just a xmpp client. You can use any other (Psi, Exodus, Pandion, etc.). Btw, Openfire is just one of the many xmpp servers available. One of the best, to say a least