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Question regarding display names in spark chat friends list

I recently just setup an openfire server utilitzing the LDAP connection to our active directory. Everything is working fine and we have a few users in the test group chatting away. One request that the users had is that when they add a buddy in their spark client that the names show up as the persons actual name and not their windows login name.

We currently use the first 5 letters of theur last name and the 1st letter of their first name. So John Smith is showing up as smithj. Is it possible to have him show up as any version of his full name? It looks like openfire is pullling the SAMID of the user for their chat name is there a way to change that to the displayname or fullname active directory attribute.

Thanks a ton.

In actuality spark is not pulling anything when a user is added to the roster it is merely truncating the JID from username@chatserver.domain.com to username. This is a know bug.

It can be overcome a couple of ways:

Share the groups (requires proper vCards and namefields): http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1773 and http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1619 and displayName

Teach them how to get spark to query for the LDAP display name: set a proper vCard, set nameField to displayName, when adding a user in spark delete the auto created nickname and tab out of the field. It should then look for the proper name.

First let me say thanks for the quick response.

I took a look at those links you posted and I have to say I am still lost. Im not sure what I need to do. Do you think you could clarify?


Under server settings I see ldap.namefield currently it is set to cn. Are you saying that I change that to displayname?

yes but case sensitive displayName

change your vCard settings too, to the ones I posted.

restart the server

Hmmm I imported your vcard settings from that first post and updated the display name. Stopped and restarted the server. However it appears as though it broke some stuff. There is now no longer any information about the user in the profile and the names are still showing up as the system login name.

I dont know what im doing wrong here.

So now no matter what I do even if I paste in the original Vcard mappings that I saved off to a text file the vcard does not show correctly.

make sure you have no line brakes (
) spaces or anything else like that in the vCard.

This is exactly how I have it.

{sn}{givenName}{mail}{displayName}{dis p layName}image/jpeg{jpegPhoto}</ P HOTO>{homePostalAddress} { postOfficeBox}{l}{st}{pos t alCode}{c}{homePhone}</N U MBER>{telephoneNumber}{mobile}{pager}</N U MBER>{facsimileTelephoneNumber}< T ITLE>{title}{wWWHomePage}{company}{department}

Stopped and started the service a few times too.

Ok so I looked again and there were some weird spaces that were added in there. I dont know how they got there but fixed them and now the vcards are working.

I see the nickname as the displayName now but when I go to add someone and clear the nickname field it originally saves them as a contact with the displayname however when they add me and I accept it reverts back to SAMID.

Any thoughts? I guess its not a huge deal if I cant get this to work, more just a pain in the butt than anything.

They need to clear the field too. It should not revert. but that said this a spark bug, not an openfire bug. Shared groups to populate the roster will eliminate this issue.

additionall you can install the subscription plugin and set it to accept local. that means you can add a user without their needing to accept and vice versa.