Question regarding JIDs and server hostname

I setup Openfire 3.7.0beta on a particular server

this server has a particular host name, which we will call UglyServerName

consequently, all of my user’s JIDs are Username@UglyServerName

is this “permanent”?

if I were to change the hostname of my server, would the JIDs automatically update?

if I were to migrate my Openfire install to a new server (with a different hostname), would the JIDs automatically update?

I tried changing the xmpp.domain property in the Openfire server admin, but this seemed to have no effect on already-created users, nor on users created after the change (although perhaps I need to restart the Openfire service to see any effect?)

edit: after reading through some related threads, it looks like migrating an Openfire installation to a new hostname is a huge pain.

If you use some external database like LDAP - no problems at all. Changing xmpp.domain automagically changes JID’s for all users. Problems may appear only with embedded HSQLDB. And yes, you’ll need to recreate certifcates after any changes to domain part of JID.