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Question regarding persistent MUCs

Is there any facility within Openfire that allows for users to create persistent rooms all on their own? Or has anyone written a sort of “ChanServ” bot/plugin that verifies a contact e-mail address for a room owner before allowing them to make it persistent?

I’ve noticed as my server grows that I’m getting more and more requests to create persistent rooms, and really, all I do is go check a little button. I don’t think it’s something they can set in the MUC options themselves, but I think it’d be really nice to be able to create some sort of automation for the process.


There is actually an option they could use:


administratiors) they probably won’t be able to set that. But you might be able to write a quick web script tied to a known good admin account that could provide that function for them.

Ooh, thanks! I didn’t realize I could do it for MUC administrators via the normal room configuration. I’ll see if I can write something to get that to work with a generic MUC admin account. Hah, almost like Undernet back when you had to fill out forms to register nicks/channels with X/W on their website.


Hmmm, okay, I just noticed something weird. I had a new user create a MUC today, and it was marked as persistent. But, I didn’t mark it. Is that an option that ANY room owner can select, provided their client supports it?


Hrm. I don’t think it -should- be allowing that. Can you test this with an unprivileged account and see if you can reproduce it?

If someone creates a non-persistent room, btw, you can set it to persistent. If I remember correctly it’s as simple as clicking on the room and clicking “save” but not sure.

I tried with Psi, and I could set the room to persistent with a regular user account.


Hrm. I guess the current setup for “all users can create rooms” or “specific users can create rooms” allows them to set up the rooms any way they want.

Okay, well, that accomplishes what I originally needed! I don’t care if they’re persistent or not, but I did not like the idea of having to manually make the conferences persistent each time someone requested it. Now I can just tell them to use a client that lets them configure that option. Problem solved!