Question: Setting two IPs to connect to openfire

Is it possible to define two IPs in the part shown in the picture?
That is, it can only be connected to the openfire service from these two IPs that I define.

Can you clarify what are you trying to accomplish? just so we can give suggestions based on that.
BTW the line your arrow is pointing to seems to be commented out.

If you want to restrict the access to your admin console, maybe consider using ‘Server>Server Manager>Admin Console Access’ instead, since you are using an internal IP there, i belive your server is behind a firewall making this tool and your firewall the perfect tools for the job.

Yes that’s right,
I set the vpn gateway ip there and also set the same ip in the fqdn section because the users must connect to the vpn server first and then they can connect to openfire.
In the firewall server, I just opened the internal IP of each vpn client.
Now my question is, is it possible to set two IPs either in the fqdn section or in the section I showed. It is also for the time when the first vpn server has a problem, users can connect to openfire through the second vpn server.

I think you could give a try, there are 2 possible way this might work. but first i suggest backing up your config file. in case you dont remember how to revert.

Example 1:


Example 2:


In the case that you give it a try, please lets us know.