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Question with AIM

I tried to import my AIM contacts and I noticed that some came over without names. In addition I am noticing that I can chat out of the program to my AIM contacts but I am not able to receive anything from them but the icon does change to show that they are typing.

Any ideas?



I’'m having the same issues…

Is there a fix for this?

I have a ton of people reporting this issue too.

Has anyone found a thread relating to this issue? I am not seeing much for errors pertaining to this either on the Openfire side.

I am not sure I understand. What do you mean import? Also what do you mean by no names?

The AIM contacts should automatically load when the user authenticates to their AIM account. Is this happening for all users? If it is not I would remove the IM client from the problem machine and any residual folders (from program files and user’s profile). Reboot and re-install. If the gateways work for some but not others it can not be a gateway issue. The proble must be related to your individual configuration on the server or client, or network.

I too have this issue. AIM contacts that have Nicknames come across OK, but if there is no Nickname the AIM contact shows up blank. You can hover on the name to see the AIM username. We used a workaround of doing a Rename in Spark, or logging into AIM and adding a Nickname to the buddy. I think it should try to pull nickname and if there is none pull in the Buddy name, but it doesn’t seem to do that.


Spark 2.5.8 should have fixed this. (detects empty strings/no nickname and displays the JID instead)

I tested this on my spark which is 2.5.8. I used AIM to remove the nickname and then logged out of Spark and back in. The names in Spark are blank. Looks like I am still having this issue. Is this an IM gateway issue or Spark issue? I am on openfire 3.4.1 and spark 2.5.8 and IM gateway 1.2.0.


Well, I mean, in theory if a person wants to set a nickname to blank, they ought to be able to do it. I shouldn’t second guess choices. The fix I was referring to though is when it wasn’t “done on purpose”. It was a Spark issue though.

So I guess the real test would be to add a new buddy via AIM and then log into Spark and see if it pulls the name or if it leaves the nickname blank?


same with Spark 2.5.8 version (latest release as of today) if no nickname the name is blank.


Not to spark up a really old, dead thread, but I have this issue in Spark 2.5.8 as well. Some screen names come in blank. Is this a Spark, Openfire, or IM Gateway bug?