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Questions about licence

Situation:In the past,I downloaded wildfire(2.5.0) and developed IM project.I would like to let company employees to use it now

Question:so,should I buy the licence?What is the price?

Situation:If I want to update the version to openfire(3.6.2) and let company employees to use it now

Question:so,should I buy the licence?What is the price?

Shall you send mail to me and let me know?

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There is no license to buy. THis software is opensource.

Can I sell the product developed based on openfire or wildfire as a business application without paying any fee?

There is no license to buy. THis software is opensource.
To be exact: Openfire not only open source, it is free software now. (do not confuse with freeware!)

Can I sell the product developed based on openfire or wildfire as a business application without paying any fee?
You may use Openfire under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

In short this allows you:

  • when just using the software:
    • no restrictions, you may use Openfire for everything, even commercially. You may even redistribute it for money (e.g. together with a Support-Package for Openfire Admins), if you still make the source code available to your customers. (a link to igniterealtime.org would be sufficient)
  • when modifying and distributing the new source code or redistribute it together with other software:
    • your software needs to be under the same licence, or an newer version of the same licence.
  • when modifying the source code without distribution:
    • no restrictions
      However, be careful, ask an lawyer to be sure!

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In short you can not sell this product. You do not own the code. I am preety sure that the gnu license is pretty clear on this. If you redistribute this product it must be under the same license.

gnu doesn’t say you can’t sell it, it just says the license info has to be included. if you can find a sucker to pay for free software then gnu has no problems with that. there are lots of products today that include or are based an a gnu project and people pay for it. as long as you add some value like support then people will pay.

correct, definitly may sell GPL software. However, your customers get the software under the same licence, so if there is someone willing to distribute your software for free, there is nothing you can do.


one may also want to take a look at http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/README.html and http://www.igniterealtime.org/fisheye/browse/svn-org/openfire/trunk/build/lib/ve rsions.txt as Opefire uses a lot of other products with various licenses. I think that HP has a tool to analyze all used licenses and to print out what you can do and what you must not do.

If you have a chance to build your application as a plugin for Openfire you may have better chances to sell it. Anyhow you must as far as I know buy a “commecial” license which allows you sell or offer plugins without GPL license and source code. Read http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/plugin-d ev-guide.html - the last sentence (It is a violation of the license agreement to create plugins for distribution that are not Open Source.).


Correct… essentially you must provide your source code and the GPL with the product; that includes changes you’ve made to the your original source code which is made into the product that you are redistributing.

Here’s a couple of links that should help:



Free software doesn’t mean free as in price, but free as in freedom, “a user is free to run the program, change the program, and redistribute the program with or without changes.”

What you are selling is the redistribution of the product and support. If they in turn give away the software + source code, they can, or they can charge as much as they like as well.

Here’s a nice story about selling open source software:


One of the comments sums it up nicely as well:

The way I like to approach this is as follows:
Client sez, Gee, this here software is free for the download, ain’t it?

Yeah, I sez.

Well, how come I gotta pay all this moolah to git it installed and configured? client sez.

Sez I, Well, okay. Here’s the RPM file set. Go right on ahead and expand that archive. Then you can install that puppy yer own bad sef. Once you git it all configured and working you let me know and I’ll come on out to do the hard part, eh?

This usually puts any objection to charging for installation and configuration to rest. The whole Open Source community is built on this very scenario. If you have the manpower to do it yourself then go right on and do it. If you can’t do it yourself then expect to pay me to do it for you.

Hope this helps.

I’m totally confused.

I use wildfire as a jabber server and used SWT to develop a new IM cilent.

So if I want to sell the IM project,it must contain the wildfire.


does your IM client work also with other XMPP servers (Openfire, GoogleTalk, ejabberd, …)? As long as you did not use Openfire source code and libs you should be able to sell your client as a standalone product. While I guess that your client does use some libraries like OpenSSL, zlib, …with random licences.