Questions about Spark/Openfire


I’m looking for some informations about Spark and I hope this is the better place to ask these questions.
I’d like to understand if it’s possible, using Spark and having configured Openfire to authenticate users against a LDAP server, to look for a generic user belonging to the LDAP tree, directly from the Spark client. Actually I am able to find the complete list of LDAP users inside the openfire admin panel; but I cannot find a similar tool in the Spark client. Seems like in the Spark client I can always move inside the list of registered contacts. Am i wrong?

Eventually the solution could be looking for a plugin that extends Spark functionalities?

Another question: sending and receiving files is possible only inside the chat or could i do it also inside rooms?

Thanks for your always and, as I wrote before, I hope have not chosen the bad place to write my questions.


Not sure about the first question. Maybe you can explain it better.

No, file transfer is not supported in the rooms. And i haven’t heard about such function in standard xmpp server/client.

Thanks for the reply to the second question. About the first one, I was trying to make each jabber client able to look in a contact list containing user registered to the ldap tree according to a certain policy. Maybe I’ve found the answer myself in the meanwhile.

Infact I’ve realised it’s possible in the openfire admin panel to share contact lists (what I mean is making each one of the contacts belonging to a group visible in the contact list of jabber clients). In the openfire admin panel, it’s possibile to share a contact list (the list of users belonging to a group) to everyone, to users of the same group, or users belonging to some selected group.

This could be a good solution to what I was looking for.

If you can suggest even a better solution, I’d be happy to have a look.

Have a good day, Federico.

This is probably the best and only way (to use group sharing). You said “look in a contact list”, so i thought maybe you are talking about making a search among LDAP users.

Hi, I’m gonna use always the same thread to avoid opening other ones without a precise reason.

First question. Can anyone suggest me where all chat, and eventually files sent on the chat, are saved?
My necessity is to schedule a task periodically which could delete these files (even to save space on the disk…).
Could I find all the historical on the openfire database or somewhere in the spark folder in the file sistem?

Second question. I read some articles which explain how to customize graphically the spark client changing gif and jpegs.
What if my idea was to change the default_properties.file in org\jivesoftware\resource (inside spark,jar)?
And, especially, what if I wanted to point a jpeg file not included in the spark.jar?
I managed to change the default_properties.file asking to load a generic gif instead the spark.gif for MAIN_IMAGE, but I was not able to point an external image. Can you help me finding a solution?

Eventually could you suggest me the best approach to customize Spark look and feel?
I was reading this article (Build a Branded/Skinned Version of Spark; or this spark client logo change) they both were a good source for inspiration. Anything else?

Thanks anyway for your support and kindness :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m gonna use always the same thread to avoid opening other ones without a precise reason.

Not a good approach. People read threads from the start, so new reader will read obsolete posts before they get to your new questions (just like i did right now).

Spark is saving history in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Spark\user\username@servername\transcripts (although i don’t think you will save a lot of space by deleting it, it will take years to grow to a considerable size; you can also just disable history completely). Files are saved in the folder selected in Preferences. I think it should point to Downloads folder, but i’m not sure what default value is. File > Preferences > File transfer.

If you are not using Monitoring Service plugin or haven’t enabled Audit policy, then Openfire will not save chats anywhere. Audit logs (when enabled) are saves in the /logs folder. Monitoring Service saved chats into main database (not sure which table).

Can’t comment much about branding, as i’m not familiar with that part of Spark and never investigated it, but i feel that using external images shouldn’t be possible (in general in any software).