Questions for Pondering Moving to Openfire from eJabberd

I’m thinking to moving to openfire but want to be sure that I will be able to maintain features without breaking things. Here are my question I could not find answers yet.

  1. At what point in concurrent connection does Openfire exhibit performance issues compared to ejabberd?
  2. Does OpenFire allow client (like smack) authenticate via my custom PHP script? I want to use Bearer token since app is integrated within app that have its own auth.
  3. Does Openfire allow/provide provision for firebase notification? With ejabberd I can “listen” for messages and get jid and message. Easy to then send firebase notification to device

Thanks for help.

Note: The reason for thinking of moving is great support here.

A single Openfire instance can scale to a large number of users depending on how much resources you throw at the server. You can also use clustering to scale horizontally with multiple Openfire instances. Search the community posts for more information and specific details.

You would need to code your own openfire plugin in Java if you intend to use a custom Auth provider beyond the what Openfire provides. There are a few community plugins that implement custom auth providers.

There is a notification plugin and a web-push notification implementation in the pade plugin. I have not see an firebase implementation. You can start by cloning the notification plugin and work your way from there.

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Thanks @Dele_Olajide
Where do I get to see community Auth plugins and notification plugin?

Wrote Java/Servlets long ago but would try if the API is not that hard

Notification plugins

Auth plugins

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