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Questions page improvement

Wonder, maybe Questions page in forums Control Panel could be improved to be more convinient, cause i’‘m struggling with it since my very first steps here at Jive. Firstly i’‘m always confusing and pressing not the right Next button. Because i scroll through list of questions, and if i dont find what i’‘m looking for i press Next or 2 button which are at the bottom of the first list. It’'s naturally. Why should i scroll back?

Ok, you can say that there are only 5 questions shown at a time so it’‘s not difficult to scroll back. But i’‘m just forgetting about this all the time. And this limit of 5 questions is creating another more frustrating problem to me. I have a lot of questions. Some are resolved, some are not. If i dont remember the status of some old question. What should i do? Create a lot of tabs with different pages of questions, or just check all Unresolved questions (a lot of Next Next) just to find out that it’'s not there?

So, i dont really know if it’‘s helpful to someone to have questions be divided by Sovled/Unsolved. In forum one can see Star icon to distinguish thread status. So what’'s the problem? I would be glad to have just plain list of questions, sorted by date of modification, say 100 questions in a list and only then paginating. Ok, you can make two lists, but not on the same page (tabs, Sovled, Unsolved questions menu entries in Control Panel?) and please, make the shown questions number more than 5, or customisable even (15, 20, 50 like with forum threads).

For novice users it’‘s not a problem right now. But for me, after 2 years, it’‘s a problem. I see some thread, and i know i have already asked about this some days, months ago. So i think, hey, let’'s find that question! … then i remember that this is not so simple.

I would really prefer to have all my questions in one list with green stars for solved ones.

Hi Oleg,

try http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/questions.jspa?urange=20&rrange=100




Thanks, LG. Though i still want to use a GUI and not to “hack” urls.