Queue full in PubSubModule

During load testing, we’re publishing a massive amount of events every 10 seconds to openfire and what we’re seeing is that at some point openfire starts returning errorcode=500 internal server error when we attempt to publish events. What I’ve found is that within the PubSubModule there’s a data structure called itemsToAdd which is a Queue which stores published events to be later written to the database.

This Queue has a capacity of 10000 and every two minutes a task executes to commit 50 of these events to the database (PublishedItemTask.java).

I don’t currently see any property to make any of these values configurable (capacity, frequency of the PublishedItemTask, or the batch size of 50). Is there a plan for any of that or does anyone else know of a way around this issue?



This has already been fixed for the next release.

If you want to test it, you can try the latest nightly build which has no such size restrictions in place. I was able to publish about 800,000-1,000,000 items in about 5 minutes.

I would also appreciate any feedback that you might have.

Thanks for the response. I’ll try it out.

Do you know when the release timetable is for 3.7.2?

I am afraid I do not.