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Queue presence

I could’'ve sworn that I tested this earlier with the latest beta of Asterisk-IM, but for some reason the queue presence feature does not seem to be working. In particular, there is no PauseQueueMember action sent when a user goes away or unavailable.

Any idea why that might be? I’‘m open to the idea that I’‘ve borked something up along the way somewhere, but it’‘s relatively straightforward and insofar as I can tell the configs are right. I see the Openfire system log into the Manager interface, and the “On the Phone” status works correctly when agents answer calls, but changing IM presence isn’'t reflected in agent availability.

Just to be sure: did you enable “Asterisk Queue Presence:” in the General Settings of Asterisk-IM?

Yes, most certainly.

Ok then I’'ll have to setup some queue to test it here.

srt wrote:

Ok then I’'ll have to setup some queue to test it here.

Not to be a pest, but by any chance have you had a look at this?

I am sorry, currently there is a bunch of projects for (paying g) customers that have to finished by the end of the month so I didn’‘t have a chance yet. I’'ll keep you updated, though.