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Queues and Caller ID

So we have queues set up for Asterisk and it seems that the caller ID information is not being passed for queued calls.

For normal calls everything works fine. I dont know if this is an asterisk issue or a asterisk-im issue.

Here is an example of the manager log (modified for privacy):

Event: Dial

Privilege: call,all

Source: Local/255@from-queues-327d,2

Destination: SIP/255-0b952c70

CallerID: 469xxxxxxx

CallerIDName: John Doe

SrcUniqueID: 1196971261.19715

DestUniqueID: 1196971262.19717

Event: ExtensionStatus

Privilege: call,all

Exten: 255

Context: hints

Status: 8

Event: Newcallerid

Privilege: call,all

Channel: SIP/255-0b952c70

CallerID: 255

CallerIDName: <Unknown>

Uniqueid: 1196971262.19717

CID-CallingPres: 0 (Presentation Allowed, Not Screened)

Event: Newstate

Privilege: call,all

Channel: SIP/255-0b952c70

State: Ringing

CallerID: 255

CallerIDName: <unknown>

Uniqueid: 1196971262.19717

Looks like setting CALLERID(NAME) fixes this, but I should not have to seeing as the caller id name already exists. Are there requirements as to how the caller ID name has to be formatted? Are spaces allowed?


I have the same problem, the asterisk im works fine for some Calls but if the call comes from a queue it doesnt dispaly anything on the caller ID.

Can you tell me what did you modify to fix this?


Dito, have the same exact problem would love to know exactly what the answer is.

I tried to modify the source code for asterisk-im but were not able to fix the problem.

I’m taking a different approach, i will modify the dialparties.agi from asterisk /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/dialparties.agi so when a new call comes in it will send an XMPP message to the user.