Quick, probably stupid question

Hello all,

I’ve only worked with the LDAP implimentation of openfire, so my question is regarding the administrating of users who have registered for an account using other methods.

My question is this… Is there a Management Utility that allows someone to “JUST” manage (manually add, edit or delete) users? Example… I setup a openfire server for a friend and they want to quickly and easily manage users, and ONLY users, is there a way to do that?

Sorry… But I’ve installed this one time and it’s been working in my school fine ever since using ldap, so I don’t really know about the other stuff…



Hi Wayne,

Unfortunately Openfire does not have support for access control lists, so it’s an all or nothing deal. A couple of versions ago a security audit viewer was added to Openfire that helps keep track of who changed what. While it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, this feature can be helpful in keeping people honest if more than one person is in charge of administering Openfire.



Actually, it looks like the “User Services” plugin can be adaped to work… Just create a web form to build the url’s and put it in a password protected directory… Bam, a web interface for managing users!

If anyone knows if this has been done, please let me know… No sense reinventing the wheel…



If you are truly using LDAP it’s Read Only. All the user accounts are created in whatever LDAP repository you use. With Windows servers, it’s Active Directory. Every time you create a new AD user, the OF server sees that and adds it to the OF database. When a client connects to OF, the OF server queries the LDAP store for username and password to see if it’s a match from the client. If you don’t use LDAP, you have to create users on the OF server, and these can be created by users also, if you wish.

Hope that helps.