Radius etc


I’m not sure if I’m posting into correct forum, but I’ll ask anyway…

First, I have read everywhere on the net that Openfire supports user authentication over Radius server. But unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to turn it on. Google gives no results on subject and I’m stuck. Is there a way to accomplish this, and how? If someone has a link to a web site explaining this step-by-step, please write it here…

Second, but maybe even more important, I need to have a bot (one or more) on server which will always know who is connected and from which IP address. Server is in a local network, and all clients will be visible on IP level. So on every connect/disconnect, server should send info to my bot. Also, if my bot was offline, as soon as it comes back online, it should be promptly informed of all users presently connected to server. Bot should receive something like this:





Now I realise that server probably doesn’t support this at the moment.Of course, I’d be more than happy if I’m wrong. In case I’m not, I’d like to know how to make this. Is there some plugin-writing-howto? I mean I have programming experience (although not with Java, but there’s google, right?), but I need some simple plugin project source to see how to talk to server etc… Is there some framework or something like that? If there is a guide on how to write a “hello world” plugin, please let me know.

Thank you all, and sorry for bad English


I have not heard any mention of authentication via a radius server specifically. You can authenticate via Single Sign On (SSO). As for showing the chat sign on information this data is readily available via the admin site for Openfire server. You can see every user and their connection status.

Yes, I know that I have info about currently connected users in admin panel. However, this is not what I have asked. I really need my Bots to get this information, because those bots will lessen firewall rules on gateways to people logged on server. I obviously can’t sit 24 hours per day, refreshing page to see if somebody new came and then manually grant him access to Internet and wait til he goes away so I can disallow access again…

And idea that openfire works with radius, I got it here: http://jabberportal.mray.de/servers/wildfire and here: re.shtmljabber.orgopenfireserverradius&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=3

This last link is google cache, because people on jabber.org have replaced their site just today, and that info was gone…

Thanks for trying I hope I’ve made easier to understand what I actually want to do…


Edit: Seems like people from jabber.org have got their site operational again. Here they clearly say that Openfire supports everything that can be supported, including Radius: http://www.jabber.org/servers/openfire

Did anyone get an answer to how to configure Radius?

Not yet, unfortunately… All my questions still stand, and I’m still looking for an answer. I think i have found a way to solve bot-thing, but radius is still a mistery…

Here is the plugin developer guide. I think you’ll find once you get started the plugin interface is quite powerful and allows you to do pretty much anything you need, since you have full access to the API:

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/plugin-d ev-guide.html

searching the forum leads me to believe there was a RADIUS plugin in Wildfire and early versions of Openfire. What happened to that? Was that an Enterprise module that wasn’t open-sourced?