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Random AD authentication issues

I currently facing some weird issues with Windows AD and Openfire. Openfire is currently setup on a Debian VM, with Openfire (installed from the .deb) with Active Directory acting as the LDAP.

Up until today it was running flawlessy. Everyone could login, admin panel worked – As happy I was… it is now failing on me and I have absoutely no idea what is causing this.

Nothing has changed at the OS level nor at the AD level apart from a couple of new staff members being added to the system. But some how it’s failing and not authenicating users nor allowing logins into the admin panel.

I’ve rebooted both openfire and Debian, I’ve tried changing AD ports, SSL, and so on but still no game.

It was working all fine and now its dead. Any suggestions?

Note: A reinstallation fixes the issue but not a vesible option to go down when it dies.