Random Dances Users and Groups

Since upgrade to 4.1 many Things about Users,Groups and Rostres have become strange or broken.

Without any Pattern or Regularity any Users on Admin Console shows as Member some Groups.

Above You can see “solonenko” and “surina” as member of many Groups

And next screen as Detail of User Groups:

Actually at the same time the User “solonenko” has no Groups and User “surina” is Member of Groups “hz2” and “omts”

SQL Output:

Your query: select count(*) from ofGroupUser where username like ‘so%’;

Your response:


Your query: select * from ofGroupUser where username=‘surina’;

Your response:


Next restart of Openfire server users, which get wrong Group List today will be changed randomly but users “solonenko” and “surina” will be in right List

Openfire 4.1.1
Java Version:
1.8.0_111 Oracle Corporation – OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
OS / Hardware:
Linux / amd64
OS Process Owner:
Java Memory

1026.81 MB of 1820.50 MB (56.4%) used

Database and Version:
HSQL Database Engine 2.3.4

Java Version:

I think there was a report recently about the similar issue. Using LDAP or not? I have seen a user being added to many groups when i have tried to use Registration plugin and was registering from a client. Selecting some single group and deselecting it in Registration plugin seemed to fix it. Maybe not a similar issue, but looks related.

No, I do not using LDAP.

Database consists right information about Groups, it seems Admin Console was afected only.

All Users created and edited via Admin Console

I have filed this as [OF-1269] Admin Console shows wrong group affiliation information for some users - IgniteRealtime JIRA

You can try the nightly build with this fix here

Windows Project-Windows-distribution-files

Deb Project-Debian-distribution-files

Hi, you have a tarball or rpm for this build? my system is CentOS.

RPM Project-RPM-installer-files

Tarball Project-binary-archive-files

we have the same insue here, and the upgrade to 4.1.2 didn’t resolve the problem, some users became members of multiple groups, and it is impossible remove it from there.

We have a windows instalation.

We will apreciate some help or resolution.


Can you clarify are seeing this [OF-1269] Admin Console shows wrong group affiliation information for some users - IgniteRealtime JIRA (which only affects how groups appear in Admin Console, but not in the clients) or are your clients affected and can only see their group and not other groups? [OF-1263] Contact List sharing shows stale data - IgniteRealtime JIRA

This afect the admin console, some users apear in all the goups after openfire upgrade, and in clients we only see our group.

So a think it was the two pronlems [OF-1269] and [OF-1263]

I see. Well, i have reopened both tickets (the least that can be done). Anything interesting or related in the logs? openfire/logs/all.log

How about everyone else? Were you able to install 4.1.2 and reproduce your issues?

After upgrade to 4.1.2 the same behavior.

Upgraded from 4.0.4 to 4.1.2 and got some users in all groups and other users only seeing their own groups. Basically the same issues as in 4.1.0 and 4.1.1, fortunately running this on a VM so reverted to snapshot, you can’t downgrade from 4.1.0 due to database changes.

Am using LDAP groups from AD, never had any issues before but the 4.1.x builds all behave the same.

Won’t be updating again till the cause of this is fully understood.

I have a test 4.1.3 build that seems to be working so far for one tester. If anybody else on this thread would like to test as well, please chime in with the build artifact you need…

By build artifact he means what installer you need (exe, deb, rpm, etc.)

Could you please send me the build for windows? 4.1.3 ???

thank you

Thank you, please test this https://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/OPENFIRE-NIGHTLYWINDOWS2/shared/build -1/Project-Windows-distribution-files/op…

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This work

Groups are ok in admin console and in client side.

We expect final version now, but will still this alfa one.

Thank you

Are you using clusters or server2server connectors?

No, I use standalone server.