Random Disconnections

I’ve recently upgraded from Widlfire to Openfire 3.4.2 and since this upgrade our users have noticed an issue. For no apperant reason they get disconnected while using Pandion. They are able to go up and change their status from unavailable to available, and all is fine, but this can happen repetedly through out the day. I thought this might of been user problem but it has happened to me, I was in the middle of a cono with a user, not idle, and I got put to an unavailable status, then I changed it, and was fine for awhile.

I’ve made sure that the Java Memory is 1012MB and only using 12%. so I’m sure it’s not that.

Any ideas?



We are having the same issue after upgrading from 3.3.2. 3.4.4 was a fresh RPM install, the config file was kept the previous version. The database is Oracle, so the database wasn’t touched in the install. The server is used by 30 people, so there isnt much of a load when the disconnects happen.



see Re: Still experiencing random disconnects in Spark and take a look at your Openfire log files - they usually contain the reason for disconnects.