Random MSN user's sign in and out frequently

Hello all,

We are still experiencing completely random users signing in and out of MSN over and over (visable to their contacts - who are actually on MSN). I was wondering if anyone else has any reports of this, and if anyone has any idea what I should be looking for in the logs.

The user is unaware of this happening, their contact list is displayed normally and they can send/recieve messages. But their contacts on the other end tell them they are signing in and out over and over again.

On our side, the user’s continue to be connected to Spark, AND their MSN roster. They don’t notice at all until their MSN buddies start complaining…

Congrats on the new job Daniel!


Hrm. Do you happen to have any debug logs when this was going on? =( (or can you catch some next time it happens?) There’s a chance this is fixed in 1.2.0 btw. There was a NPE that could occur that was discovered which may have caused such behavior.

Hi, my users are also having this problem (including myself) and there are lots of complains regarding this. Which logs do you need to find the problem? As there may be confidential/sensitive information in the logs, please let me know how can I send you the logs. Is there any other secure channels that I can pass you the logs instead of attaching them in this public forum?