Random no in request url in xiff2


I have a chat application using xiff2 and openfire server. I can see that each time a request is sent from xiff a random number is appended to the url.


http://xx.yy.zz.rr:7070/http-bind/?foo=“random number”


I could see that this was included in the XMPPBOSHConnection class before sending new requests.

But now i am trying to use xiff3 and im getting “service unavailable” XIFF_ERROR intermittently when initiating multiple chat requests. Xiff 3 code does not have the random no. added to the url in the XMPPBOSHConnection class. Can this be the reason for the intermittant “service unavailable” error. Can someone explain to me the reason why the random no. is used in the url. Is it to make each request unique. why is that required.

Any help is greatly appreciated.