Raspberry pi 2, Jitsi, iPhone/iPad, audio/video calls

Hi all, I have just installed Openfire on the Raspberry pi 2 running Ubuntu. I have Jitsi working for both the PCs and also for the android tablets on a local network.

Now I want to have the iPhone and iPad connect to Openfire for audio/video calls. At the moment I have Monal IM install on the iphone and ipad and I am able to send text messages to the other devices, however I want to be able to do audio and video calls as well. Monal IM has a beta audio call feature however when I try to make a call I get the error in openfire “Closing session due to incorrect hostname in stream header”. So I am looking for an alternative method for audio/video calls for the iphone/ipad. I have tried in the pass installing a SIP server “Asterisk” and tired combining asterisk with Openfire and have had limited success. I was looking for a more simple solution. I read that I could use the rayo plugin instead of installing SIP server but am not sure how to use it or if it is the correct method to use.

In summery

Openfire is installed and working on the Raspberry pi 2 using Ubuntu

Openfire is temporary running on a local network to begin with in a view to allow communication over wan

Devices running Jitsi are able to send text messages and do video and audio calls through Openfire

Iphone/ipad running Monal IM are able to just send text messages


To have the iphone/ipad have audio/video calls to the other devices using Openfire

Thank you for your help