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Re: Messages are being send to wrong resource

I am posting this message here, since someone told me it is related to the gateway-plugin.


When I am logged in multiple times, at home (away and priority set to 1) and at school (online and priority set to 5), I am assuming messages should be send to my client at school. This client is even logged in most recent.

But most of the time messeges are being sent to the client at home. Even messages from conversations started after the second login. So I have to forward all the messages.

I assume messeges should have been sent to my client at school, because of the higher priority.

This is only tested with messages sent to me via MSN, since I don’‘t have any contacts in my roster who are using jabber. So I don’'t know if this is related to OpenFire or the gateway-plugin.

Can anyone help me or is this normal behavior?

I have the same problem with the MSN transport.

Normal behavior? No. =) However it is a known bug that I hope to have fixed soon: GATE-204