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Real-time update for LDAP groups

Hi there,

Now the issue JM-379 was postponed to 2.5.1, and seems that it’'s not going to be solved in a short time (though a lot of votes).

I have just tried some changes with the class RosterManager like this:

public Roster getRoster(String username) throws UserNotFoundException {

// Original code

if (rosterCache == null) {

rosterCache = CacheManager.getCache(“username2roster”);


if (rosterCache == null) {

throw new UserNotFoundException(“Could not load caches”);


// Build a new roster beforehand

Roster newRoster = new Roster(username);

if (newRoster == null) {

throw new UserNotFoundException(username);


Roster roster = (Roster) rosterCache.get(username);

// If there is no cached roster or it’'s changed, commit the new one.

// Probably the equal function has to be overrided.

if ((roster == null) || (!roster.equals(newRoster))) {

rosterCache.put(username, newRoster);


else newRoster = roster;

return newRoster;



Of course this is not a performance-oriented solution, and I tend to leave the actual work done by re-organizing how a roster be calculated.

Meanwhile, may I point out that LDAP group looking up procedure also takes up huge amount of time when the sharing policy is changed through the admin console. Seems that every[/i] group’‘s every[/i] member had the roster recalculated, so practically many users may have their rosters rebuilt more than once. Can we reduce it to, to the least extent, rebuild everybody’'s roster once?