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Real world examples of XIFF use


I’'ve been using my own flash chat java server + flash client on a site of mine for 2 years now… but it has problems with IO blocking(server). So i went looking for “free” solutions and found oregana(oregan-server.org), but it has a lot of outdated code, both server side and client side. But well documented and well made, so i started some dev using it.

Anyways after a bit of searching I found xiff/wildfire yesterday and after testing the example I love it.

Anyone know of any live real world sites using xiff? I searched google and had trouble finding any real live sites using xiff. I would guess there are at some medium~large sites using it…

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have you tried XIFFIAN?


thanks a bundle

i think their source code is better than docs (which i could only find for b3)

anyone starting using xiff should download their source and also just use their unofficial xiff library and save a lot of time. it has some bug fixes… which have already solved some problems i ran into(i.e. privatemessage event is fired correctly in the unofficial library)

didn’'t notice…

you’'re the creator of xiffian…



I think then you’'ll be happy to test the new XIFFIAN beta 13 (1 week for testings , then official!)


you’'ll see 3 php file version as example:



-800*600 with JPEG loading

The new features:

-save prefs with flash cookie (next step is with private data)

-googlebox can be switched off with prefs or index.php

-prefs can be disabled with php

-you can change the colours (with php or via prefs)

-you can use an image skin from any website (via prefs or php)

-configuration now works 100%

-SHA1 password enabled

-auto focus in private/public text input

    • some bug fixes

just try it, and if you are disconnected without any reason, create an account in order not to have conflicts with other ppl who are testing XIFFIAN using the default test login

try opening two windows and logging in as the same user…

almost completely froze explorer… heh~

it’'s because you already use the ressource at the first account. The jabber server kick the old connection using xiff resource.

When disconnected, XIFFIAN tries to reconnect, using always the same ressource (xiff)! and disconnects the other, then it’'s a fight between the 2 XIFFIAN instance in your browser the one disconnecting the other…

you can’'t login the same account of the same server twice with XIFFIAN for now, maybe in the official beta13 release… 1 last week before making it officialy finished should be enough

fixed by using time to make the resources look different I tried with 6 igmar at the same time

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