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Receiving Messages that were sent while i was offline

Please, can some one tell me how to receive the messages that were sent to me while i was offline and than lged in?

i assume that is some condition in the processPacets method but what is it?

please , some one reply



afaik, offline messages should be automatically delivered to your client from the server.

However, it would be a bit rubbish if when you logged on you were deluged by a lot of messages, therefore Smack provides a number of Classes to help deal with them.

Take a look at the following, OfflineMessageManager and the other OfflineMessage classes which should help explain a few things.

There might also be some documentation on this subject in the extended documentation section.



Well, thank you for your answer. i will check these classes and it seem that its the way to receive them.The probelm is i dont get any indication in my client of incoming messages from the server when i log in (after i sent that user some messages from another client )

i thought it was some code i didn’'t wrote in the packetProcess but your answer seem to work

again. thank you

Well. i check it and the problem(if we could call it it that) was that after i logged in i sent the Available Presence packet, this way i wont get the offline messages.

yes your answer was corrrent to user the offlinemessageManager.

thank you


glad you got it sorted